Our Services

Leadership development facilitations are based on the P4mance @titude© as well as programmes based on the certified John Maxwell Programs as a tool to implement a Culture Change Initiative to change Organisational and employee “Mindset”:

  • Management “essential and soft skills” training interventions
  • Communication 
  • Vision and Strategy 
  • Leadership 
  • Personal Growth & Development

Strategic and Business Planning services provided:

  • Facilitate Strategic Planning Workshops
  • Development of Strategic and Business Plans
  • Development of Implementation Programmes and Plans
  • Development of Operational Plans
  • Review Business Process Analysis and Measurement
  • Programme and Project Management

Organisational Design and Development:

  • Review and development of Organisational Structures (Macro, Meso, & Micro levels) 
  • Alignment of Organisational structures to Corporate Strategies
  • Job profiling and Job Evaluations
  • Skills Audit 
  • Matching and Placement of employees
  • Salary Benchmarking
  • Employment Equity Plans
  • Workplace Skills Development Plans

Performance Management services provided:

  • Development of Performance Management Policies, Frameworks and Procedure Manuals
  • Development of Organisational Scorecards (Balanced Scorecards)
  • Development of SMART Impact, Outcome, Output, and Input Performance measures and detailed supportive Technical Indicator Descriptors
  • Development of employee Performance Management Policies and Procedures
  • Development of employee Performance Plans
  • Facilitate employee Performance Evaluations
  • Development of Performance Monitoring, Review and Reporting tools and procedures

Coaching is provided as certified coach by Success Factory and John Maxwell Team

  • Business and Executive Coaching
  • Middle- and First-Line Management Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Life Coaching